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  • Therapist Recommended
    Use this category if your practitioner referred you here with a recommendation sheet. Don’t forget to enter your code at checkout located on the bottom of the referral sheet!
  • Self-Treatment Tools
    These are products which are used to apply compression, not massage, to the body. Compression has been proven to provide the best form of therapy for myofascial pain due to trigger points. Because these tools are designed for different regions of the body it is important to understand what needs to be treated so the best tool possible may be chosen.
  • Therapeutic Balls
    These balls are designed for many applications including stretching and strengthening core muscles. The smaller therapy balls have unique applications in that they may be used to treat the abdomen as well as other difficult to work with areas of the body.
  • Heat Therapy
    Welcome to our line of Thermophore Moist Heating Packs. We are confident you will love your heating pad and never have the need for another. So look through our selection of Large, Medium, Petite, and Muff heating packs to determine the best fit for you. We also have extra fleece covers and a NEW cover for the Thermophore, the Stupe Cover, which provides even more moisture especially in dry climates!
  • Cold Therapy
    These products are generally used to decrease inflammation and reduce pain from muscle spasm. Gebauer's Instant Ice is FDA approved for the treatment of sprains and may be used in a treatment which has been used to relieve the pain from joint sprains in as little as a few days!
  • Ergonomic Tools
    These tools are used to help relieve mechanical stress on the human body, thus relieving pain. Nearly every therapist who works closely with trigger points will address these factors.
  • Books/DVDs
    Here we have books which contain certain information about the understanding of myofascial pain and trigger points. The first section is for potential users (patients) and the second section is for doctors and therapists.
  • Therapist Products
    These are products which are used by therapists to treat trigger points and myofascial pain, such as hot packs, cooling devices (vapocoolants) and treatment tables which are supportive to the manual therapists (MT's and PT's). Some products require us to verify that you are in fact a member of the healthcare community. Please register for a Health Practitioner account today and gain access to quantity discounts on eligible products! Thank you and please let us know if there is a product you would like us to carry!

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